State of the art VIDEO, AUDIO and IMAGE analysis systems.


ARGO: Forensic Video Authentication System
A suite of tools for the analysis of video files and frames.

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FAAS: Forensic Audio Analysis System
Full capability in the investigation of digital audio files.

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FIAS: Forensic Image Analysis System
Complete forensic tool to analyze the integrity of digital images.

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Customer Testimonial

"FIAS is the most complete of the authentication packages currently available. It offers the tools needed to determine if an image is a camera original with several features including EXIF analysis, Quantization Table extraction, file structure analysis, and tools for determining if a file has been resaved. Then, it also offers quite a number of tools to assist in finding areas of an image that may have been altered - from ELA and DCT Mapping to Correlation Mapping and Clone Detection. It also has PRNU capabilities to determine if an image is from a specific source camera. It is the most complete image authentication software currently available."
- George Reis, Forensic Image Analyst at Imaging Forensics and author of Photoshop CS3 for Forensics Professionals.